What is the worlds hardest jigsaw? Is it just a plain colour?


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Actually, apparently it is... Or at least that's what pizmogames.com says.

Their "hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world" is all one color - but at least you get to pick your favorite color!

I think what makes it even harder is trying to complete it while dragging the pieces with a mouse or laptop trackpad.

There are a couple of "real" jigsaw puzzles that also claim to be the hardest in the world.

And, actually, just looking at them makes me feel sick. But, since you asked, here are some examples:

But the puzzle that I think tops them all is one that a guy called Dave Evans created to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee.

He thought he'd get the party started by cutting a record-breaking 40,000 piece puzzle for a team of jigsaw experts to test themselves against.

However, 7 days before the big unveiling, this happened:

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