Where have you bought sports shoes on the internet? Can you recommend a site?


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Hi there!

I would recommend  Cheapest prices on the web and they deliver worldwide via DHL Express so you'll always have a tracking number for your purchase.

They have a huge selection of brands and they also offer sports clothing and equipment for women, men and kids.

For me it's the best so far! :)

Hope this will help.

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Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
Sports Direct are very good - I can never work out why they have a permanent "sale" though. Surely, that isn't a sale. And then , if they have a period of further reductions, is that a sale sale?
Virginia Zuloaga
Virginia Zuloaga commented
Yeah, I always wonder. They have these great prices, then it's better if you can get something from their 70% sale but the best is the "must go" season which you get a 90% discount. It's crazy right? But I've been buying from them for more than two years now and I've never had a problem.

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