Do you think the type of music you listen to reflects the type of person you are?


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Maybe it usually depends on you're mood and taste but it may reflect you're personality , maybe you like hard metal bands or ballads

It doesn't necessarily mean u are violent and loud ,  its  to make you feel a feeling , maybe adrenaline , whatnot , i listen to music that i think sound good and have good meaning its my way of hearing a story but through lyrics , but i do reckon it does sometimes reflect you're life or situation or maybe its a way to get rid of you're boredom and forget the stress or to make you're heart calmer , maybe after a breakup , but it does sometimes reflect the person you are but to me it reflects what you're feeling , but in a way yes it does

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Agree with John! To an certain degree yes it does! Because you can't listen to love and romantic music and then say you aren't a sucker for love! Ha!

Seriously though, music can't define who you are because we are so much more complicated than that, but I believe that with age the music you listen too can greatly describe your personality. For example, I listen to mostly Pop and Rock songs, and some of the ballads of Westlife I listen too, reflect certain situations in my life and therefore I relate to that type of music.

Although just because one person may listen too heavy metal and rock doesn't mean they're depressed and think they're some sort of 'rebel'. But listening to music for me is mostly down to the meaning the song conveys to me, through this you may get to know more about personality because the happier the music, the more depressed a person can be (the person listens to happy music because they feel sad and therefore up-tempo music best suits their circumstance) .

Honestly, there's so much I can write but I'll leave you at this!

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I listen to heavy metal and hard rock, but I also like pop music, and I'm not emo. I like wearing black and stuff, but I still act like a girly girl sometimes

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Yo Kass
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Does it depend on your mood more than anything do you think?
Keili Smiley
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Yep. If I'm angry, I listen to metal. If I'm happy, I listen to hard rock or pop.
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i think so :)

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chevon smith
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if im happy i listen to upbeat songs if im sad i listen to sad love songs
Yo Kass
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So it kinda depends on your mood then? But do you think someone that listens to upbeat songs more often is naturally a more positive person then?
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And what about people that are really happy and outgoing but listen to depressing music like goth or death metal?

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