What's a good way to promote my Soundcloud page other than spamming Q&A sites?


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Hope you don't mind, but I edited your question slightly...

I think the information you'll get from this new question title will help more than posting something like:

(you also managed to get your link into comment boxes on pages that had nothing to do with music!)
Tip #1: If you're going to share a link to your music, get the URL right!

Tip #2: Think "what can I do for others, before you expect them to do anything for you".

If you listen to and comment on other artists' works for example, they will be more likely to return the favor.

The same principle works for anyone you meet. Add value to their experience, and hopefully they will be kind enough to give you some attention.

Once you've got them onto your page, then it's going to be down to whether your music is good or not.

Tip #3: Get active on social media

People are more likely to listen to your music when they can visualize the image behind the songs. A link and a band name isn't much to go by.

A profile on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, maybe even MySpace) will give people a "hub" to learn more about you.

Also don't make your communication all "me, me, me". You are most likely part of a scene or genre. Tap into the commonality that you have with your audience and use your shared passions to get them interested in you.

Tip #4: Deliver

There's no point worrying about promoting yourself or getting links out there until you have the goods to show off.

I eventually tracked down your soundcloud profile and had a listen to what you were trying to link to.

It's an 8 second clip of an Imagine Dragons song pasted before a 9 second clip of a Justin Timberlake song. I don't know where to begin with why you shouldn't be sharing that to the world.

First of all, that's not a mashup.

Secondly the timing wasn't even right!

Third, there's nothing wrong with putting something up that's a little rough around the edges, but at least admit to it! Don't go posting tracks like you're the next Timbaland when you haven't nailed the basics of putting a track together or mixing.

There are so many freebie software packages you can download nowadays that there's really no excuse for this.

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You are using social media, right? Have a Facebook page (not your personal profile)? Of course, growing a page or a Twitter account -- and that's another question, you have Twitter, right? -- is something in and of itself. You have used tagging on SoundCloud right? In this case, would suggest you a socialboss.org/buy-soundcloud-plays/

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