How do you cure a Westlife addiction?


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thats quite a hard question , most times we don't actually like a band or celebrity its more the fact they good in what they do , but for me it took a week to get rid of , at first i was always checking his twitter and checkin out his vids and tv shows he was in , but then i realised i didnt actually have that bif of a crush , i suggest that if you do have a crush on the westlif band , you firstly dig deep into why you like them , and plus whats so great about them , plus it really depends if you're addicted to their songs thats fine because well theres always good songs we can't stop listening to right , but if its a really big crush and you really have a huge outrageous crush on them then it takes time really , soon you may find someone you really like or love and then this addiction really just becomes one of those things .

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It's not curable okay? I'm stuck with this fandom forever! When they can stop being so perfect...then I'll stop loving them...but that'll never happen! NEVER! Westlifer for life...and it will never change.

You guys will never understand how Westlife have helped me...more than my family and friends. They saved me from suicide etc...dark times. And they continue to do so. There are many reasons why I love them...But I would be here forever trying to list them.

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stop listening to their dreadful covers, and listen to the originals who came out with the songs they sing.

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