I am a song writer who needs inspiration. Give me ideas and tell me some of your stories. I might just share my songs with you if they are good enough!


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You can write a song about (this is totally fictional by the way...) a girl and a boy who love each other in high school. They break up, spread apart, and find each other again, not knowing who the other is. They end up becoming a happy married couple. Don't forget to include the fight, and how they were together all along! 8p You don't have to use this.

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Amanda Layne
Amanda Layne commented
Nice idea, i like! Maybe for extra fun, you could put some sort of twist in the tail,.. not sure what exactly, but I'm thinkin bout that Eminem song Stan where right at the end he works out that the guy writing to him is the person who killed himself... maybe right at the end they could work out they knew each other from before... but then SOMETHING TRAGIC HAPPENS !!!
Nikki Ridgerider
Nikki Ridgerider commented
You're welcome. I think I tragic ending would be nice!
Anonymous commented
well i think u should really write from your heart and some of my stories are that i want to become a singer but its really hard for me because i dont really know where to start .well i have joined some websites that will help me fulfill my dream

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