Can anyone suggest an interesting documentary to watch online?


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Watch this Documentry about America's Military Industrial Complex. I found it very very interesting.

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wtahc about the nanking massacre ... Soo good :D that is if you can handle some of the barbaric things on there but its interesting , so I hope you decide to watch a documentary on it :D

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Watch where President Obama  attacks the bible in 2006

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Guns Germs and steel is an amazing documentary done by national geographic. It touches on the subjects of exploration and why the Europeans where the ones conquering the Native Americans and not the other way around. To watch it look up guns germs and steel on YouTube and it is also available as a book. I highly recommend it!!

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Great answer! Thank you, this sounds like a very interesting topic
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For anyone else that's interested, I found part 1 here:

The links to the other parts should be easy to find from there
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no problem
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Search on youtube for "Steve Quayle" and watch anything running around 3 hrs long.  He does radio programs such as the Hagmann and Hagmann Report or Coast to Coast AM; and discusses things such as Biblical Prophecy, End Times Happenings, and Current Events.

Bonus movies include Tom Horn or Pastor David Langford. 

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You should watch 'Richard III- The King in the Car Park' , it's a documentary based on this lady and a team of researchers that stumble across Richard III's remains and skeleton buried under a car park. Well they don't know for sure if it was him at the time but they find out when they carried out their tests, the lady was looking for his body ever since (been around 500 years he was buried) , he was buried in the Friars which is now replaced by a car park and they dig and find him! (Amongst some other interesting things) pure British history for you, I love it!

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