What are the lyrics to H.E. Dixon's "Oh Lord I'm asking you one more time"?


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The lyrics go to Pastor H.E Dixon's "I'm asking you one more time" go something like this:

Oh lord, (lord I'm your child)

Yes, I'm asking you one more time

Let me hear you say...


(Father/master-builder/send the holy ghost) will you strengthen me when I weep

Fill me up when I'm going down.


My life needs repair

So I'm asking you one more time


The tricky thing is a lot of the performances are improvised, so they feature words that are slight variations of what I have above.

Compare these two renditions and you'll see what I mean:

"I'm Asking You One More Time"- Senior Choir of the Greater United Progressive Baptist Church

    Pastor H E Dixon/I'm Asking You One More Time


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