Why can I memorize entire musicals so easily, but when it comes to AP US History, I forget facts so easily? In a span of 3 days, listened to legally blonde the musical and " frozen" and memorized each line, every song, without intending to do so...


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It's probably because you are an auditory learner, at least that's what it sounds like, and that musicals are fun! I know I love Disney movies...Maybe I shouldn't have said that...But it may be...never mind. To you, your teacher shoving notes on your desk probably isn't going to help you learn. You will probably need to find a way to make history fun. Turn it into a mini-musical. Don't pick on me! I'm about to make a Disney movie reference...but, Mulan is a great musical and it's based off of the Huns, which were real people...So have fun with it...Good luck!

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