Do you think Justin Beiber is a dork?


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Natalie Jo Price Profile

He is the biggest self centered a$$ I've ever seen! Who disrespects something so much as to write in Anne Franks diary! That's as selfish as one gets. I don't see how he became as famous as he is. He's a disgrace to society.

Adila Adila Profile
Adila Adila answered

I can't give somebody a name or label whom I have never met or know personally. All I can say is , he has been shown to be pretty immature , but that's all the media will show us , of course they're not going to show us the positive good side , that maybe behind all that stardom he is just a normal kid trying to cope with this sudden big change in his life , all the money and fame, it can take a while for someone so young to adjust.

nazia ali Profile
nazia ali answered

He's talented. If he wasn't, he would not have been where he is now.
His manager found him on youtube and was amazed at his talent. He could
have chosen any other talented person on youtube but he chose Justin so
he obviously has talent.

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