Looking for a funny birthday song that starts with "have you looked in the mirror lately, are the hairs on your head turning gray" - does anyone know it?


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As the name says this is a song meant for birthdays. Or anniversaries for that matter. Sing to the tune of 'Ai Ai Yippy'!

Have you looked in the mirror today?
Are the hairs on your head turning grey?
When you stand-up are you stooping?
Are your dangly bits all drooping?
Do you wish that this song would go away?

Do children try to help you cross the road?
Can you remember what you've just been told?
Is your favourite hobby sleeping?
Can you hear your body creaking?
Then you're very, very, very, very old.

Singing Ai Ai Yippy Yippy Ay.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
If you think Birthday's are a curse,
Well, the alternative is worse,
So Happy Birthday, Santharia, today.

Is there room for all the candles on your cake?
Are you scared if you fall you might break?
Does your wheelchair need re-tyring?
Do your wrinkles all need ironing?
Have you always got a pain or an ache?

When you sleep do folks worry that you're dead?
Are your ears now more hairy than your head?
Are your clothes now back in fashion?
Can you recall your days of passion?
And can you believe the price, these days, of a loaf of bread?

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Cyndi Miller
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Thank you. Now do you know where I can find someone who sings it., so I can download or get a copy. Need it for a birthday party
Erick Sims
Erick Sims commented
If you would like to message me your email, I would be glad to send you an mp3 of that song, that you may burn to cd, or put on an iPod.

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