Are There Any Free Forms For Guardianship In Kentucky That Are Downloadable ? That I Can Get Immediately That Are Legal ? I Need A Form That Will Allow Guardianship From One Person To Be Transfered To Another That Is Willing To Accept This


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There is no such thing as a free legal form. The courthouse will charge you a print fee for a copy of a legal form you need, and legal databases will charge you, and the websites that just post free copies of legal forms will most likely put you in a jam. They'll put you in a jam because I've yet to see a free legal forms database that keeps their legal forms updated with each state's current laws and form requirements passed by the local legislature. When you buy a legal form from a quality database, like, your paying for the labor needed to keep that form up-to-date. They do have downloadable child custody forms but you need their kit that teaches you how to write a custody agreement in Kentucky, and includes all the legal forms you need.

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