Which Was The First Hindi Movie In India?


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The first hindi movie produced was titled 'Raja Harishchandra'. The movie was produced by the sole efforts of Dadasaheb Phalke who made this first silent Hindi Movie in the year 1913. 'Raja Harishchandra' consisted of a total of four reels and had Titles in both English and Hindi.

The film 'Raja Harishchandra' was the story of a king called Harishchandra. He was a very benevolent king who took care of his kingdom and subjects. He had very high ideals and which he valued above everything. His path was the path of truth and he never gave up on this even is very tough times. Truth and integrity were his most valued possessions unlike the politicians of today. He had to sacrifice his kingdom and all material wealth and to the extent, even sold his wife Taramati, his son Rohit, and eventually himself to stick to his path of truth.

The suffering and struggle of king Harishchandra and and his family for the sake of truth is what the movie projected.
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India's first Hindi movie was "Raja Harishchandra" and it was the silent film. But first audible film was "Alam Ara". This was the first Bollywood and South Indian film. This film was directed by 'Ardeshir Irani' on 1931. The time duration of the film was 124 minutes.

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