What should be the primary aim of cinema: education or entertainment?


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Entertainment..because we already have school and books for education why need more?? We need something to entertain us humans or as my friend Joey would say homosapians..haha..jk..Television should be entertainment

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Entertainment. For education, we have schools and universities. Movies should be somewhere where you can unwind and relax.

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Although these days, cinema is seen primarily as a form of entertainment, it has also been used as a source of education in the sense of distributing information (and, it can be argued, propaganda).

During the period roughly between 1910 and 1970, films were often proceeded by newsreels, four to five minutes in length, giving brief accounts of the major news and sports events of the previous week.

The most famous newsreels were probably those produced by the British company Pathe News, although there were several American newsreels as well, such as The March of Time (spoofed in the 1941 film Citizen Kane), News of the Day, Universal Newsreel and News of the Day. The Pathe News archive is available to view online.

We may think of propaganda films as being made by foreign nations, but American films, especially in the immediate post-war, can be viewed as forms of propaganda, in terms of keeping their Western allies (especially the UK, France, Italy and even Germany) from turning to an interest in communism; the 1955 version of George Orwell's Animal Farm was funded by the CIA with just this in mind.

This dramatic newsreel from 1913 captures the moment a suffragette threw herself under the King's horse during the Epson Derby, dying in the process:

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I think that the primary aim of cinema should be
entertainment, as there are already many platforms and contents for education.
When I was a student, I liked to have a good time while watching a movie, and
not think about school work or
revision. It helped me to relax.

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