Does walmart sell quest bars?


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Quest bars are a variety of meal replacement bars which are promoted to be high in protein and fibre, low in sugar and free from ingredients which contain gluten. 

Unlike other such bar manufacturers, Quest claim their products are made from entirely natural ingredients.

It is difficult to say whether Quest bars are available from your local Walmart store, but Quest bars are certainly available from the Walmart website. 

Given that Quest bars are only available via other sellers who sell them on behalf of Walmart (rather like how a DVD on Amazon may not be sold directly by Amazon themselves, but through another retailer), it seems unlikely that Quest bars are in stock at your local Walmart.

Bulk Up - Buy in Bulk

If you buy Quest bars through the Walmart online site, you won't be able to buy bars individually, but in packs of 12. Walmart stock fifteen different flavors, including vanilla almond crunch, chocolate chip cookie, mixed berry bliss and strawberry cheesecake. 

Prices vary from $30.13 per twelve for banana nut muffin and coconut cashew flavors, to $45.38 per twelve for the strawberry cheesecake bars (prices correct at time of writing). Here's one customer's review of Quest bars:

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