What are some questions to ask while playing dirty Truth or Dare? We are in the middle of the game and I'm playing over the phone with my boyfriend please let the. questions be interesting and fun these games usually turn boring for us very quickly.


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I know that you're not playing this game anymore but I can still give you ideas for the next time you play it, how about that?

Usually I don't play dirty truth or dare games, but when things start to get dirty, usually the questions asked are "I dare you to kiss so and so", "tell me the time when you did (insert naughty action here)", "I dare you to (perform naughty action) in public and video tape yourself doing it", or "I dare you to (perform naughty action) right here, right now". You can always think up stuff along those lines to make things more exciting I guess is the right word to describe it.

As you can probably tell, I don't really do this so these are just some ideas I have from the top of my head or some that have been done before by my friends.

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When it comes to a game like Truth or Dare (or Spin the Bottle, which is a lot like Truth or Dare), you're only as limited as the imagination, or your own personal sense of decency! How far dare you go?

OK, here are some questions you and your boyfriend could ask each other, some spicy, some silly:

  • Have you ever felt attracted to someone of the same gender?
  • If so, have you acted upon it? (Told the other person your feelings, asked them on a date, etc.)
  • Which TWO celebrities would you like to take to bed with you? (You could ask for one guy, one girl...)
  • Have you ever crushed on a best friend's partner?
  • Have you ever got naked in a public place, out of doors?
  • Which teacher/lecturer/work colleague would you most like to get it on with?
  • Where's the strangest place you've ever 'enjoyed your own company'? (wink, wink...)
  • What's your most dangerous/outrageous fantasy?
  • Which Hollywood/blue movie love scene would you most like to enact? And with who?
  • You and your boyfriend are in a motel room for the night. You suggest hiring a hooker to keep you both company. What would he say?
  • If either of you needed the money, would you consider appearing in a blue movie or posing for a 'special interest' magazine? Or posing for a life model class, or for your arty friends?
  • Select a random question from the pages of Blurtit, just to throw him and keep him guessing!

As for dares, you could dare each other to actually do one of the suggestions above, or something crazy like stand in a window facing the street in your underwear (or less!) for a full minute; run around the house (inside and out!) with nothing on; one lets the other watch while the other enjoys the moment... randomly smooch a close friend; naked press-ups in the park...phew!

I'm going to have to stop now, I'm tired with thinking of all the fun you two could have!

If you can stand it, get more ideas from other Blurtit users at What Are Good Questions To Ask In Truth Or Dare? and What Are Some Fun/sexy Games To Play With Your Boyfriend And Friends? not to mention Hey we r playing a truth game and I need some dirty questions 2 ask a guy. Anybody got any ideas?

Have fun, but keep safe!

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