I feel like ever since One Direction came out all of the newest boy bands try to be like them like The Vamps and Five Seconds of Summer? Does anyone else think that too?


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Well I think One Direction aren't really that good in the 1 st place. They'retrying to be like the Beatles but they're not going to get any close to where the Beatles got. There is a lot I have to say about 1 D but it would be inappropriate for this website.

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Well the world is trying to make 5SOS punk, which it isn't. They aren't quite pop either but I also don't think they make the pop punk cut either. I guess musically, they're geared more towards pop, and I guess the only difference is their image, they play guitars, and they covered pop punk songs. I've heard of The Vamps but haven't listened to any of their songs/done any research on them. Yes, I've done research on 5SOS. I was getting angry that they were starting to get lumped with bands that they shouldn't be lumped with in my opinion. Upon my research, I do believe that One Direction discovered them or something like that.

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They came out? That's going to upset a lot of young adolescent girls. :)

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