Does Rita Ora have breast implants?


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Well, I have to say that Rita Ora's breasts aren't the thing I like about her but no, they aren't implants; they are all hers.

To be honest (this is going to sound bitchy now so apologies in advance) I think it's pretty easy to tell when a woman has implants because they look too perfect. Personally, I don't think that looks as good as the natural look does... but I'm female, so maybe I'm looking at it in a different way!

That said, with the way implants have been exploding on planes recently, I am sure Rita is happy that they are real. Implants can be scary things it seems.

It is rumoured that Rita Ora dated Bruno Mars - I'm not jealous of her breasts but I envy her over Bruno!

My favourite song from Rita Ora is "I will never let you down". It's all part of my midlife crisis apparently, or so my daughter tells me. The fact that my iPhone has more up to date music than hers does (she's 15) tells her that I must be going through some kind of weird phase!

Here is my favourite Rita Ora track for your viewing and listening pleasure :-)

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Rita Ora
is a British singer, songwriter and actress, after Featuring in DJ Fresh's song "Hot Right Now" Rita released her album 'Ora' having massive success with the singles "R.I.P." and "How We Do (Party)".
In fact Ora became the artist with the most UK number ones in the 2012 charts.

But possibly the most impressive feature of Rita Ora are her breasts. I'm joking...but they are pretty cracking. Rita Ora, like many singers, is noted particularly among young men for her great body so here are some facts about her body and in particular her breasts, that you may want to know:

Apparently her body shape is 'Hourglass'
Her dress size is 2
Her bra size is 32C (How do people know this?)
Her height is 5'5' (166cm)
Her weight is 121 lbs (55kg)

Does Rita Ora have breast implants?

And in answer to the question on not only your mind - but the male half of the population's - Rita Ora's breasts are natural. No implants.

According to - - who list unusually specific information about celebrities bodies, Rita's breasts hold a shape that is synonymous among unmodified ladies. The tear drop shape seems to be the main give away.

I hope this has soothed your curiosity.

Heres Rita featuring in Iggy Azalea's latest video:

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