Is Ashley Teasdale ticklish?


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American performer and producer Ashley Tisdale is ticklish, or at least she is according to a profile set up under her name in 2007 on The most ticklish part of her body, the profile states, is her feet, but other bebo users have posted casting doubt on whether this is the real Ashley...

If Ashley is ticklish on the feet, it might have proved difficult for her to get her foot tattooed, as she did in September 2011. The French phrase 'jamais seule' ('never alone') is positioned in such a way, diagonally from the ankle towards the toes, to be seen even when wearing high heels.

For a closer look at her feet, go to

Many of her fans have wondered whether the star of Phineas and Ferb, and Scary Movie 5, is ticklish and got involved in tickle fights with other female pop stars like Miley Cyrus. I don't think she has, and I don't suggest anyone tries tickling her without asking her first. Most people are ticklish on the soles of the feet, so I guess there's some truth to the suggestion!

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Let's hope Ashley Tisdale is ticklish, just so we can see her famous smile and laugh more often:

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Dunno.  I wouldn't attempt to try and find out unless you know her or a friend.  It would look like an invasion of dont want to invade a person's space if you dont know them.  Personally, I count celebrities as people I don't know but know of. 

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