How Do I Connect My Cable TV Connection To My Internet Cable Connection?


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I have a cable point installed outside my bungalow on the common footpath who do I contact to get this service brought into my bungalow?
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When you connect a television cable as your internet cable, it is said that you are using a broadband. It is not done directly but requires cable modem. This connection is the easiest one to set up than dial-up connections. The cable modem connects your computer to the Internet through a cable television network.

Generally, setting up a cable connection for internet does not require any efforts from you. It is surprising, but it is true. You just have to connect the network cable of the cable modem to your computer. Then, wait. The connection is done automatically. This is supported by GNU/Linux which tries to search for the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) by itself. If GNU/Linux is not able to find one, you may have made some wrong network configuration.

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