What do you think of Prince Harry of Wales? Reasons for making the news : smoked cannabis at 17, clashed with paparazzi, wore a Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party. In view of the above, what are your feelings about him? Explain, please.


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Hi Lucas, as well as the stuff you've mentioned I know Prince Harry, who chose a military career, was the driving force behind the UK's recent Invictus Games - the Paralympic style sporting event for wounded service personnel.  He's definitely done a fair bit of charity work, I've seen him visiting landmines and watched him on TV helping Aids orphans in Africa as well.

A few years back Prince Harry teamed up with UK drum 'n' bass star Goldie to host a televised talent show that ended with 12 youngsters performing at Buckingham Palace.  This  was in the press a lot at the time because the pairing of Goldie and Prince Harry seemed so unlikely.

I think the prince will always court a lot of media attention anyway just for being a royal but it does seem like he's getting press for some better reasons now than he did in his younger days.

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