Who is Gina Rodriguez?


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Gina Rodriguez is a really talented actress who's starred in a number of films and TV shows, and recently landed the lead in her own TV show, The CW's upcoming Jane the Virgin.

Making an early name for herself in the film, Go for It!, she then appeared in an episode of Happy Endings and The Mentalist, before getting her big break as the lead in the movie, Filly Brown.

She stars as the young hip-hop artist trying to break through into the music scene. The film debuted to great applause at Sundance in America in 2012.

Since then, she's starred in a several short films, as well as having supporting roles in Enter the Dangerous Mind and Sleeping with the Fishes.

Jane the Virgin marks her first big role since Filly Brown, and it's really great to see that her talent's finally being recognised. If you haven't seen it already, you can get a glimpse of her impressive hip-hop work in Filly Brown in this promo video from Sundance two years ago.

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