What is a good free and instantly downloadable Metacafe Video?


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I watched a film on MetaCafe only last night. Well, it was actually a TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, which includes whole films which the main characters watch and make fun of. 

The episode I saw last night on MetaCafe included the horror film The Black Scorpion.

The Black Scorpion is about a race of giant killer scorpions who emerge from an erupting volcano in Mexico. The largest scorpion kills the others and goes on the rampage, attacking first a train and then the nearest town.

The special effects were created by the same man who worked on King Kong, Willis O'Brien, who also mentored the great Ray Harryhausen. The film must have been quite gory for its time, as we see the slobbering scorpion chew his way through several extras!

During the Mystery Science Theater episode, Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgson) and his two robots Crow (Trace Beaulieu) and Servo (J Elvis Weinstein) are forced to watch the film by mad scientists. They make fun of The Black Scorpion for the attitudes the American characters have for the Mexican locals and women in general, and for the idea that there could be a giant scorpion in the first place.

MetaCafe is a good place to look for films or TV shows unavailable on YouTube, and there are several episodes of MST on MetaCafe you can't find anywhere else, featuring old B-movies like The Space Children, Godzilla vs The Sea Monster and The Deadly Bees. The films are fun to watch in themselves, and MST, one of my favorite shows, makes them even funnier! 

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