What does a Buktot look like?


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Angela Anthony answered

Best I can find, it looks like a bowl guitar, usually 4 stringed.

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A Buktot usually looks something like this:

Although there are many different variations when it comes to the shape and size of the instrument.

The Buktot is a musical instrument that is played primarily in the Philippines.

I would describe it as similar to a Lute. It is always four stringed and usually made from coconut shells. I think that this is quite cool, that the people that first made this instrument were clever enough to fashion a working Lute just out of the resources that are around them.

This instrument emits a relaxing, peaceful sound, which reflects the island where it comes from.

If this instrument interests you, there are a couple of other musical devices from the Philippines which are quite similar.

  • Kudyapi- This is also a Lute like instrument, but rather than having four strings it has six.
  • Laud- Is actually of Spanish origin, but is played traditionally in the Philippines, usually has about 14 stings.
  • Bandurria- Has a very short neck for a lute like instrument and also has about 14 strings.

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