If you dream about taylor swift kissing you on your lips does that mean that she'll kiss you on your lips if you met her in person?


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Vikram Seth Profile
Vikram Seth answered
It just means that you've been thinking about her a lot more than you should !
Kirstie Summers Profile
Kirstie Summers answered

No. Dreams don't mean anything, they're just your brain dumping out information that it doesn't need while you sleep so that it can function properly in the morning.

Yo Kass Profile
Yo Kass answered

No, sorry, dreaming about doing something with Taylor Swift does not mean it will happen in real life.

This is a common misconception that people have about their dreams (whether they feature Taylor Swift or not), and the important thing to remember is that dreams aren't so much a window into other people's intentions as they are your own brain thinking about things and "sorting" information in your head.

It's quite likely that you've been thinking about Taylor Swift, maybe even in a romantic way, and this is probably the reason you've dreamt about kissing her.

From a purely mathematical perspective, kissing Taylor Swift is unlikely to happen, regardless of who you are: The ratio of guys that want to kiss Taylor Swift vs guys Taylor Swift wants to kiss is not favourable.

However, if you really do want to try your luck, this is the way to do it (although for the love of God, don't react in the same way this guy does!):

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