The Lavani dance belongs to which state?


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The Lavani dance is native to the Indian state of Maharashtra, which is in the Western region and is very highly populated.

The Lavani is a combination of both song and dance and is usually performed to the accompaniment of the Dholki (see image below)

Lavani has a very powerful rhythm, and the songs are sung in a quick tempo. The dance has strong links with  Marathi folk theatre.

The ladies who perform this dance wear Saris known as navvari that are 9 yards long, and wear their hair in a bun. They usually wear lots of heavy jewellery and a red bindi on their forehead.

Although Lavani can be traced back as far as the 1560s, it became much more popular in the 1920s.

Lavani is normally written by a man but sung and performed by a woman. It generally follows the theme of the lady wanting a certain man to love her and waiting for his attentions.

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