What are the best online shopping sites in India?


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Online Shopping is becoming very popular in India. I check for those online shop where they can provide the best price. 

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It's difficult to say what the "best" online shopping site is, but we can certainly take a look at website traffic to see which Indian online shopping sites are proving popular with the people.

According to website traffic measuring tool Alexa.com, the two most popular sites in India for online shopping are:

  • Flipkart.com
  • Snapdeal.com

They both have huge amounts of visitors each day, and are ranked among the top 150 sites in the world in terms of traffic.

Flipkart is considered the largest, and currently sits at 85th most popularly visited website on the planet.

Snapdeal is not far behind, at 149th position.

Transactions on each of these sites easily goes into the millions of dollars daily, although it's difficult to say how much profit is actually taken by each, as both use deep discounting as a strategy to maintain growth.

Interestingly, outside India these two sites seem to be far less popular. I for one had not heard of either until I researched for this question.

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Deepali! I am not pretty sure if Utsav.com is Indian, but the site is my
personal number one when it comes to traditional wears and costumes. They have
a really reliable delivery system and I always get my items in perfect
condition. Do note that amazon.in is also pretty good!

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Amazon,Flipkart,Snapdeal is Online Shopping is very popular in India 

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shyam kumar , Gifts anywhere and anytime online in india, answered

There are many online shopping site available in India. Flipcart, Amozan, snapdel and many site that you can buy verity of Items. If you want make our occasion special then you can send flowers, cakes and ant gits items from onlinedelive

ry.in gifts shop. Onlinedelivery cover (750 city )every part of india everywhere and any time same day and midnight delivery with best price.

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Nowadays, Shopping sites are more and competitive. Usually, I prefer online shopping through Facebook groups. Where we can find more new collections with trending models be updated as soon.

The main thing which makes our step back while thinking about online shopping was there may chance to change the quality and the brand of the products, the products did not deliver at the right time and there may chance to fail while transactions.

To avoid this and make a useful shopping experience we must have the responsibility to filter the secured sites for transactions. For the reason, I am recommending Snapay.

Through this app, our cash paid to the merchants will be in the snapay account till we receiving the product. After the product received we make a confirmation message to snapay. And after that, the cash will be delivered to the sellers. By using snapay confidently we can get an original product.

Also, you can pay unlimited amount transactions from your Credit/Debit card to any bank accounts through Snapay.

Install and try this. Click SNAPAY

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There are plenty of websites in india for onlie shopping. But according to me, Cubber is best online shopping site in India. Because it provides cashabck offer and discount offer on online shopping. You can chack it out here: www.cubber.in/?ref=bhm

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If you want to purchase baby products at the reasonable rate and best quality products in India. You can buy from https://easyfit.in/. Here you find premium quality baby diapers and baby pull ups. Easyfit also provides adult diapers, adult pullups, underpads and incontinence pads online. Best quality products, antibacterial, maximum absorbent and comfortable in use.

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If you want to shop online jewelry then Kasturi diamond offers jewelry online India with exclusive offers an affordable price for everyone with customer experience.

There is the latest collection available of the diamond. Choose the finest jewelry for everyone with quality and best price.

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