Have you ever been swimming at night? I did once and it was fun.


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Lard Ass answered

Oh yes! I love swimming at night! Quiet and peaceful, able to see the stars. Wonderful and relaxing!

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Taylor Brookes answered

I went to Rome with my best friend a few months ago and our hotel had a pool on the roof. We were out most days, but we wanted to go swimming, so we decided to go at night. It was amazing because it was on the roof and there was no one else there and there were lights in the side of the pools lighting the water in pretty colours. Naturally, we thought the pool would be heated.

It wasn't.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Since I have a swimming pool in my back yard and it get's really hot here in the Summer, night time or early mornings are the best time to swim. I love to swim when it's dark. Night time is the best time here !

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