Are there any schools that teach you how to play the violin, or any type of progams that can show you?


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Hi there.

The violin is one of my favorite instruments!  I am a musician, a bass player to be exact, but one of the first instruments I really wanted to play was the violin.  The sound of it just can't be replaced when it comes to the kind of emotion it adds to music when it is orchestrated properly. 

I learned how to play bass by ear, and it took me a great deal of time to master it to the point where I could play professionally with other musicians at professional venues.

I did some research for you and found a really inexpensive program that promises to be able to teach you how to play the violin within 30 days, and they say they guarantee it. That sounds pretty good to me. I just wish I would've been able to learn to play my instrument in 30 days!

I truly hope this is helpful for you.

Cheers, and much success to you!

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I play the violin and I have private lessons away from school. I'm not sure if there are schools specifically for music, but most schools have some sort of music course or program. Your best option would be a private tutor, and trust me, it really isn't very expensive. The course mentioned above about teaching you to play the violin in just 30 days is unlikely to work, or, if it does, it will not go anywhere near a halfway decent level. The most you will get out of it is probably a few scales or simple pieces that use mostly open strings. If you are serious about learning, then remember that it takes a lot of practice and can take years to get to a good stage where you sound like a violinist, not someone who just started. Good luck if you do decide to start learning!

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I'm by no means an expert in the violin, but I did a quick search and found that schools dedicated to violin playing do actually exist.

Most still don't seem to be full-time "schools" as we know them, but rather academies that offer specialized courses, aimed at talented violin players.

So not quite a "Hogwarts for lovers of four-stringed instruments", but they do take violin teaching very seriously.

In most cases, if you want to play the violin as part of your higher education, you'd need to apply to a university or college that specializes in music, and then pursue a qualification that will involve some wider musical studies.

Here's a good list of highly rated music colleged if you're based in the US:

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