Is Marisa Maez engaged?


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No Marisa Maez is not engaged. She was married for a while (to a pro-golfer called DJ Brigman), but ended up getting a divorce - and rumour has it she is on the dating scene now, but not dating anyone steadily... Let alone engaged to anyone!

I have seen her a few times in public when I've been in Albuquerque, but I didn't have the courage to go up to her.... but anyway I'm not too sure she'd be interested in random guys coming up to her to talk to her in Walmart... It might seem a bit creepy.

She's one of the most famous news anchors in New Mexico, or even the entire United States, so I'm sure she has plenty of men who are interested in her.

Now let's just hope she meets the right one and settles down and finally gets engaged as your questions asks of Marisa.

She is such a beautiful and independent Hispanic woman, and a role model for all citizens.

Some people say she loves herself too much, but in my opinion Marisa Maez is just confident because she knows she is the best.

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