Which episode of which TV show will you never ever forget?


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Spoiler alert if you're intending on watching Sons of Anarchy or Breaking Bad...

I can think of 2 episodes that really left an impression on me.

The final episode of season 6 sees Gemma get high and kill her daugher-in-law, Tara, because she thinks she's betraying her son by ratting on him to the cops, and then planning to run away with his kids.

In actual fact, Tara had made an agreement with her husband Jax, so Gemma got that badly wrong...

Also, the episode in Breaking Bad when Walt blows Gus up. It was pretty gruesome, but also it felt like a turning point in Walt's character development.

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A lot on here may be too young to remember but I will never forget the last episode of the show M.A.S.H in 1983. The show lasted 11 seasons and it ended with the ceasefire and subsequent end of the Korean War, with everyone going their own separate ways after trying to stay sane in an insane place. 

It will always have a special place in my heart. I felt like I knew each character personally. They do not make shows like this anymore, at least in my opinion.

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hailey cox , what is everyones fav songs?, answered

Mine is Holy Grail.

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