Is there a website with the deathnote MOVIE (not anime and for free) and no download?


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There are two live action Death Note movies.

The first one - Death Note - can be found here:
Here, the movie is split into parts (but I believe it's the entire movie. I watched these movies, like, two years ago). The movie was very well executed, in my opinion! Plus, Light is acted by one of my favourite Japanese actors - Tatsuya Fujiwara!

The second one - Death Note: The Last Name - can be found here:
If you have watched the anime, read the manga, and watched the movies, all stories and endings have been modified to an extent, especially in the movie. (I'll be honest and say I shed a tear when, *ahem*, people died at the end of the movie! ;-;)

~These movies were surprisingly difficult to come across! Consider yourself lucky, haha! Happy watching! \(*-*)/

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