Since I've never bought anything online myself I just want to know from other people if this website looks legit because I don't see any reviews there and am skeptical of giving away my details?


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Darling Divaa answered

You can't tell just by looking at a website if it's legit or not. I would suggest doing some research on them. I buy a lot off of Amazon, but before I first started I was a little apprehensive about it.  It pays to be cautious.

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Taylor Brookes answered

There's no way to tell for sure unless they have actual stores that you can visit or they are VERY well-known, but you can use websites that check the safety of the site by looking at their ratings, country of origin, ect. 

I like because they give a really detailed overview of websites. Just type in the name of the website and it'll come up with a report for you, I'll post the link here:

As there aren't may reviews from other people about this, site I wouldn't use it because it suggests that it is not a very well-known site. 

The main concern with this particular site seems to be that it is very new. There is a chance that it is a legitimate company that has just started up, but it's really down to you if you want to risk it. Have a look at the review and try and decide from that. Good luck :)

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