I'm thinking about switching instruments in college. I played Percussion for a while, i want to play Baritone Horn Treble Clef (I'm more familiar with Treble Clef then I am with Bass Clef) So do you think its a good idea?


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Sure it's a good idea! When I was younger and in band, I initially started with the flute and piccolo...  Got bored with those during marching season and switched to the tuba, worked with my band director and one of the tuba players and picked it up fairly quickly. I then played baritone in our jazz ensemble! So yes ....yes.....yes! Broaden your musical horizons and explore all your talent!

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Rooster Cogburn
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I played trumpet and drums for many years ! Would have continued but Nam ended any musical thoughts I had anymore.
Drummer  Boy
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I'm kinda nervous because it takes money to rent a baritone and all so i'm still not sure

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