What is the difference between a national anthem and a national song?


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Most of the differences between an official national anthem and a national song of a country arise in the song's use and application. Typically, both a national anthem and a national song have plenty in common in terms of both the written music and the lyrical content.

Differences between a national anthem and a national song.
  • National anthems are traditionally played on national holidays, festivals and important state occasions. Nowadays national anthems are more commonly heard during international sporting events. National songs are not used in these cases.
  • A national anthem is a national song which the state has considered the most important, because of either its age or lyrical content. 
  • Usually a national anthem is the best known national song of a country.

SImilarities between a national anthem and a national song.
  • The vast majority of both national anthems and national songs are hymns or marches.
  • Usually they are both powerful songs written in major keys, which makes them sound upbeat. Although there are some exceptions - the Bulgarian and Turkish national anthems are written in a minor scale!
  • National songs and anthems contain nationalistic lyrics which are supposed to evoke a deep feeling of patriotism when sung by citizens of that country.
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There is a minor difference between a national anthem and a national song. A national anthem is that the anthem reflects the history and the culture of the country and everybody has to pay their respects to it by giving a standing ovation whenever the song is played. The national anthem represents a particular country. A national song is a song written for a country and does not bear that much of a significance as of the national anthem. It is not mandatory to sing the national song. For example, the national anthem of United Kingdom is "God Save The Queen", and its national song is "Rule Britannia".
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according to the Indian constitution India has many
national songs.eg."sare jahan se accha","vande mataram"
etc but there is only a single national anthem for one country eg; Jana gana for India

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