What are some cool apps to have?


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Yo Kass answered

I'm hooked on playing CrossyRoad.

I like using apps like Google Now, and anything that helps me through my day to day stuff, like supermarket apps for ordering groceries, The Trainline app for booking trains (in the UK), Uber for getting a cab, and Airbnb for booking somewhere to stay when I travel.

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Jaimie JT answered

Evil apples !!! It's a rip off of the game crimes against humanity , which is the BEST GAME EVER! Unless you're offended easily. Then just get something else then.

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ios man answered

wow great information totally love it buddy..

<a href="getapkmarket-apk.com">Getapk market</a>

<a href="tweakbox.online">tweakbox</a>

<a href="acmarketios.com">acmarket</a>

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Karl Sagan answered

Thank you for asking friend! I've been working on a gaming app, I like to encourage anyone with a good idea, you just need to get started on ionic development, check https://clockwise.software/ionic-app-development-company/ They are helping me to make this app and let's hope it get's out really soon! Meanwhile let's just keep working.

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