The film critic from the New York Post is calling for a ban of the movie Gone with the Wind because it has the Confederate flag in it. Isn't this going a bit too far?


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Anyone can take any symbol and kill lots -

The symbol didn't commit these atrocities- the idiot behind whatever symbol did -

I could kill a schoolhouse full of kids with a smiley face flag - every one of you would say , let's ban a smiley face - it's a symbol of hate

3 cheers Obama, I want the rainbow flag banned , as its offensive to me.

Also, the black power fist, as its offensive to me , I would go on. I won't, it's obvious-

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Lard Ass
Lard Ass commented
I agree I always kept my guns loaded....useless if you need them and your ammo is in a drawer...somewhere!
Sheldon  Cooper
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What good is a un loaded gun
/()". Ok wait , let me load my gun to shoot you"
Be safe , if you have kids ,
I don't, no worries,
If you do have kids
Be smart -
A revolver is easy to shoot if loaded
My 40. Must be cocked
With the slide -
No kid - child -
Can or figure out how to do this unless it's taught to them/
Any gun owner can see what I mean- even a shotgun
Loaded / but not ready to shoot- most kids will never figure out what to do to shoot
I think I made my point -
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No kids here either, so I don't worry about it!
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What an asinine idea!  This debate going on right now is not about banning the Confederate flag.  It is about removing them from government properties and placing them in museums where they can still be seen on display.  Now if people want to support businesses which reject that Southern Cross emblem, and want to boycott businesses which support it, that is fine by me.  

So, if people want to abstain from seeing a showing of "Gone with the Wind" for any reason, that is their choice (although I think that the presence of the Confederate flag would be a ridiculous reason to abstain since it is shown in the context of the time in which the movie was made).  But banning it?  Absolutely not!

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Tinkerbell St. Basil
I actually did read the article as well as all the newscasts coverage of the article! You seem to want to start some type of argument here, and I'm just not going to bite. The article stands on its own and obviously you are reading it in a different light than the rest of us.
Tinkerbell St. Basil
Respectfully, we will have to agree to disagree.
CalTex - Doug Morgan
@Kaywinnet: I stand corrected. I did a search using terms from the question and found the article in the New York Post, but alas, I did not read it, and even worse, jumped to conclusions. I take people to task on a regular basis for doing just that.

The article was in fact NOT talking about banning the movie. It talked about why it should go the way of "Birth of a Nation" due to its overt and covert racism, and the skewering of historical facts. Having now read the article I support every word of it. Thank you Kay for making me tow the line.

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