What music streaming service is best? Anyone here tried Apple Music already? I have!


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Apple Music's streaming quality is awful. Their "high quality' bitrate is 256kbps, The standard for streaming MP3 is 320kbps.

I still consider Spotify Premium as the best streaming service in the market. Great software, great UI, great perks, huge library of music, and plenty of highly organized playlists. Only Tidal streams in Flac, but their software and music selection is utter trash.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I am a Microsoft/Android kind of guy. As such, I have never tried the Apple service, though, I have tried the services from Google Play Music, Zune Marketplace, and Amazon's MP3 store. To be honest, I don't see the point. If, for any reason, you need to cancel the service, you have lost all your music. Maybe I'm just the strange one. :). Good luck to you!

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I use rdio.

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Pandora is the top for me. I'm during Apple Music trial period and intend to subscribe it, the interface is so attractive. However, I think I won't give up Pandora.

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