A riddle, I’m something you might eat, but I also kill. I can cause blindness and burns. Because of me, people lose limbs. I’ve even been known to crash cars. See comments for full answer?


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My guess (not sure how to hide answer):

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Snow. Every kid has taken a bite of snow, but thousands of people die every year in snowstorms. Watch out for photokeratitis, otherwise known as snow blindness. And if you’re exposed to snow for too long, you can lose limbs to frostbite. Just an inch or two of snow makes them treacherous.

A recent snowfall makes the world white, and kids love to build snowmen, snow forts and have snowball fights. Some people live in igloos, built out of snow.

Well done! I don''t think you can hide the answer on this site. If there is a way then i sure would like to know.
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