A riddle, For some, I am used to get around. I never even touch the ground. Sometimes I fall and sometimes I float, If I’m in the air, then take note. What am I?


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Gas ?

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A boat. Boats are used to get around, they aren’t on the ground, but in the water. They rise and fall with the waves, and if they’re in the air, it may be due to rough seas and you should be careful.

Another possible answer is a blimp.

Hi Refresh me,

Great to hear from you again. Hope you are well! Hope you life is not too perplexed LOL!!!
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This was a good riddle. I was perplexed with that last one for a long time...lol.
I am well & t.y. for asking. Glad to see that you have challenging riddle on here again.
Hope that you are well :)
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Thanks i am well. Not too perplexed yet!!

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