Is it ok to cry near the end of a movie?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Sure, it's OK.

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Smarties  Sweet
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Cause I watched "Behind The Candelabra" and the movie was really good. and I cried a lot near the end of the movie.
Ancient Hippy
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Well, I guess that just shows that you're alive and appreciate good acting.
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I cry when I reach the bottom of my bottle of Mountain Dew. :D Sure it's ok. That means that the movie was really well made in order to influence your emotions like that. Best of luck to you!!

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It's completely OK.

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Of course I kid, (maybe) lol, I cry when movies get emotional or when I put myself/close ones in the positions of the characters in the movies I watch. It's totally normal

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It is much better than crying at the beginning if a movie.

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Hmm .. Well that is a good question. I would assume it would be considered appropriate to cry where ever there happens to be a scene that makes you WANT to cry .. If the scene is at the beginning, I really can't see someone waiting until the end to let 'er rip.  That's not even logical.

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