A riddle, What 11-letter word does everyone pronounce incorrectly?


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Well, yes, they do, don't they?

But are they incorrect when they pronounce it incorrectly?

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I've just about abandoned Askaholics to the holy rollers. There's not much fun on a site where three or four people turn every discussion into a sermon.

The answer to your question was "incorrectly" but I didn't want to spell it out and spoil it for the next person.

Hope all's well with you. How's the treatment going?
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Chemo is terrible,making me so,so,sick. It is supposed to slow down the Parkinson's side effects but it makes me vomit everyday all day sometimes. I've lost 11 kilos in 3 weeks. Still got my hair (so far).Give Lynne & Laptop Dog my best.

I agree with the never ending preaching about God on Askaholics. These people put these questions on there purposely to create a debate &/or a disagreement. I hope Sephira can do something about it but i don't know exactly what.

I am definitely not a Disqus fan as well.
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So sorry too hear that. Chemo is a dreadful business but it can be very effective, too. I've known a lot of people to come through it when, not so long ago, they had no future at all. I wish you all the best.

Just took Lynne up for an x-ray. She's coming along slowly because of the cracked socket, but she'll be right in a month or so. Then I won't be able to keep up with her. And neither will Laptop Dog. She's getting too old to walk quickly.

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