I have been dismissed from my community choir after 5 years because i ask too many questions and am too enthusiastic. It is a volunteer choir that I pay to be a member of. Anyone have thoughts on this?


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Sadly, in my experience there always seems to be some kind of drama in organised religion. Always in fighting and back stabbing. Whether it's something you did or didn't do is at this point irrelevant, because you are out. It is what it is. So, I'd go find another choir to sing for. Maybe there would be others who would buy into your exuberance and questions.

Maybe this would be an opportunity for you to look at your part in it. Do you question authority? Do you go against the grain? So, when you find another choir, dial it down a bit. You're not the only one singing, you must play well with others.

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It is difficult to reply thoughtfully and realistically to your question based on the limited information provided. On the surface, gut reaction type of answer, it appears your community choir like many other choirs is suffering from an abundance of "clicks".

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That sounds just like an episode of Andy Griffith - the one where Barney is removed from the choir because he can't sing very well and no one wants to hurt his feelings. 

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I am not trying to be rude, but if they actually told you that "ask too many questions" and are "too enthusiastic", I would take that as a polite way to say you may be perceived as someone who tries to run over the others in the group. You might want to try another group and try dialing things back a bit.

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