Is music important to our daily lives? Why?


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Yes, for me it's always important!

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Matt Radiance answered

There's no certain answer on this topic but only individual opinions. Music is a very huge headline for humanity, humans born to be alive & feel, we filled by emotions, & since we ever born we connect to the music, from tabbing our foot & fingers around the ground,tables,desks & different objects, from our heartbeat which sound like a "kick/bass drum" so in a natural form music is within us, music help humans to ignite different emotions, different instruments, different sounds,gens, none lyric, with lyric, different topics,high,sad,happy,soft,light,heavy,ect .  .  . For any mood/emotion of human there's type of sounds & music creation that can help us to enjoy different moments,heal up,get inspired,empty the sadness, get high, energized,motivation ect . . .music also cope with memory very well, music can be reminder of very pleasant memories or vice versa,  you hear a song that 10 years ago you used to hear it in a restaurant while you hung with your best friend a lot but you had to split up for years but those days were happy for you, when you hear such a track, you'll be over the moon at the moment. But at the end of the day it's all about individual taste,

-Some enjoy listening to music, all random

-Some enjoy to listen to music but some particular gen or musicians

-Some find it so good to listen to music everyday as fast as they could

-Some don't really care if they even listened to music during the day or weeks

-Some become more obsessed that start finding potential to learn an instrument, to also play music.

-Some play for fun

-Some follow it to make it their career but they can't handle much fame, they follow only doing covers.

-Some follow to make it their career & has potential for fame & also writing,creating,mixing music & they turn themselves into a official musician.

Despite all that, we can't say if it's too crucial or not, it's all personal preference & depends on the person.

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Megan goodgirl answered

Music puts us in a good mood. And it's great when we know all the lyrics to a song.

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