All you anime experts out there... I just finished watching Attack on Titan. Is there a second season? What should I watch next?


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Victor Reine answered

Watch... Umm... Watch Tokyo Ghoul!!

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Attack on Titan is excellent!

If you like anime with action, I recommend:

•Sword Art Online/ Sword Art Online 2

•Akame Ga Kill

•Tokyo Ghoul

•Soul Eater

•Darker Than Black

•Fullmetal Alchemist (watch Brotherhood, it's amazing! And better..)

•Future Diary (it's wonderful and I can't get many people to watch it... If you do, you wont be disappointed!)

•Blue Exorcist

•Black Butler

•Is This a Zombie?

•D. Gray-Man (I watched it because of a friend)


-Death Note was awesome too ^•^

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Dakota  Mackenzie
Dakota Mackenzie commented
Thanks ^-^
Yo Kass
Yo Kass commented
I started watching Tokyo Ghoul as it came up in a few people's suggestions. The first episode was really good, thanks for all the suggestions everyone - will try and get through them all eventually!
Dakota  Mackenzie
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Tokyo Ghoul is amazing (: Good luck! And thanks haha
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Bradley Lomax answered

If you liked attack on Titan it seems you might have a preference for shonen based anime's like bleach one piece well there are many action based animes but I'll reco some now

ranma 1/2 a classic

Gurren Lagan

Panty and stocking try find the English dub it's action packed especially the last episodes and very hilarious

Seven of seven not technically a shonen but I've set it upon myself to try and get people to watch this underrated anime,  it had a satisfying conclusion and an interesting plot though not action based

Outlaw star


Kacho oji

Fairy tale

prince of tennis because why not ?

Black lagoon crime based so there's lots of action

Deadman wonderland

Elfen lied

Samurai x

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Bradley  Lomax
Bradley Lomax commented
Thanks here's to having way to much time on my hands and watching lots of anime
Luke Reine
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My friends and I would get together and watch anime after school because we weren't in sports lol
Bradley  Lomax
Bradley Lomax commented
There's only like three other kids in my school that watched anime but we always give out recommendations to each other like sgt frog or samurai flamenco though i did meet with people at the comic book store I frequented at I rember one friend I had made went crazy when he found out I never saw death note so he gave me his death note box set that was awesome
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ZombieE Lee answered

I believe a 2nd season is coming out. In the meantime you could watch Kill la Kill or Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood.

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I just got into Anime. May I suggest my first Anime, Samurai Champloo. I loved it. I have also heard wonderful things about Millennium Actress. I am currently enjoying Death Note. Next is Black Butler. Thanks to lx102303, Roy and Dakota.

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