What is your most embarrassing moment?


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Sheldon  Cooper Profile
Sheldon Cooper answered

Like crow -

Won't tell here . But involves a new pair of underwear,

Psssssst - never trust a fart.

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Cookie Roma answered

I'm 62, coming up with the MOST embarrassing moment would be virtually impossible.

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Victor Reine answered

I won't say what it was exactly but my brother Luke kept shouting out stuff while I was giving a speech... We were in drama club, my teacher is cool and Luke was being inappropriate, I can't say some stuff for content reasons lol but it was pretty embarrassing... The comments were all directed towards me >.<

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Didge Doo answered

Too many to recount. Here's one that has stood the test of time.

I took a pretty blonde on a date and was doing my best to look like the experienced man about town. We went to a rather nice restaurant and, during the meal, my hand slipped and most of my meal hit me squarely in the middle of the chest before sliding to the floor under the table.

She managed to keep a straight face but not so the guy at the next table. He rolled about laughing.

That was in 1958 and she is still making jokes about it. :(

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Nov Noveltman
Nov Noveltman commented
I assume you never went on another date with the fellow at the next table.
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Nah. He probably forgot about it after having a laugh with his pals at work. Not so Mrs Didge. She's fond of trotting it out from time to time. Women are like that., Vindictive. :(
Rath Keale
Rath Keale commented
Mrs. Dodge keeps reminding you so that your ego doesn't get too big. She is really doing you a big favour and should be worshipped for her thoughtfulness.
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Matt Radiance answered

I say what I remember right now, well, it was in one of my classes in high school, something came up for our teacher to leave for a few minutes, all of a sudden we got crazy & started doing crazy things, like singing poems & making sounds etc...

Someone started to film this for memory, I also did some crazy things & I showed midd finger to the video, within few minutes, our teacher came & found out about it, he wasn't mad cause we had good connection & being friends, but he went to see the video & he saw some of the things I did, including the midd finger.

It wasn't much but I'm embarrassed because he didn't expect me to do any of it, i've been always serious in the class & polite, & always listening to the teacher & focused on study.

He's never seen the other crazy side of me, so when he faced it, I really felt embarrassed & shy.

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Rath Keale answered

I had an embarrassing incident a couple of days ago.  I had been collecting seeds from flowers outside.  The bees really love those plants, and although I am very respectful of the bees, sometimes I get in their way.  I stood back to let them pass.  I then got into my car and drove three blocks away.  I was turning left in the intersection when I felt a bee sting my upper thigh.  I put the car in park.  Jumped out, and whipped up my skirt to look for the bee(s) underneath.  All the traffic stopped and watched me search under my skirt.  The bee flew off.  My skirt came down.  I jumped back into my car and drove off as though this happens all the time. 

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