I want to be a professional singer. I can sing harmony, and play the guitar. I don't know if I have what it takes, though. I also want to ask a friend who writes songs if he will sing with me. I don't have the courage to ask. What should I do?


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Danae Hitch answered

If you don't have the courage to even ask, I'm wondering how you can make a career out of being a professional singer where you have to sing in front of many people???

You cannot realize your dream if you cannot screw up the courage to take the first step. So - take the first step! Good luck.

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Understand that .. In order to get in the business .. One of the biggest hurdles you will have to overcome is not making contacts, getting the right songs, or even your own talent .. It's YOU .. And your own lack of confidence. THAT is where you need to start to build .. And the rest will fall into place.

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