I'm super bored, which is why I ask the question, what would you like to know about me?


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I'm interested in toes today (mine have arthritis) so I'd like to know about your toes.

Do you have Morton's Toe? (That's when your second toe is longer than your big toe?)

When you were little did you mother play This little piggy went to market with your toes?

When you wear flip flops (if you're an American) or thongs (if you live in the land down under) do they feel comfortable between your toes or do they rub the skin off?

If you sleep on your back, are the blankets so heavy that they force your toes back and keep you awake? If so, have you worked out a way to twist your legs so that you can lie on your back while your feet point to the side? And, if you can do this, do they point the same way, or face each other toe to toe, or point away from each other like a quarrelling couple who want to sleep on their own side of the bed?

Do you paint your toenails? What colour are they?

Do your toes curl up and smile when you have a foot massage?

Have you ever had a professional opinion about your toes from a podiatrist? A beautician? A clairvoyant?

Are you still bored?

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Vintage  Vinyl
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Sad thing is so did I haha also for breakfast. This is what happens when I don't work. Hah. When I work I have more balance go figure lol.
Vintage  Vinyl
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Umm a little over 24 hours haha. I'm still trying to navigate my way through. Here :)
Vintage  Vinyl
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Rooster messaged me a video I've yet to watch it, I'm super lazy lol. Thanks for the instant video. ☺️ Will the Activity tab just show who I'm following?
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Let's see...How old are you? Where about do you live? What do you do for a living? How do you like blurtit? Have you been on any other sites? Is that enough questions for the moment? LOL

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Vintage  Vinyl
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I'm 25 I'm on the east coast I'm originally from California though. I love this site, and wouldn't ask any questions anywhere else haha :)
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What's your favorite app? And why do you like using it?

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Do you like Horror movies?

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