For all of you fellow fans of Doctor Who, who is your favorite doctor? (I'm a fan of David Tennant ;) and Matt Smith... Mostly Tennant though.)


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Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker

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Dakota  Mackenzie
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They are doing a special thing on BBC America this weekend. :) it's"Breakfast with Baker" they've been playing the episodes to get everyone pumped for the new season :D.
Christian Leckey
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New season? I'm not really into Dr. Who but when I did watch it it was with a British doctor I think and this blonde who was really annoying. I remember the episode with the gas mask people trying to capture this girl who turned out to be the boys mother :/ same doctor for when they go into the future and the Earth ends...
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Tenant was always my favorite, I hate this new doctor I hate it so much I haven't even watched it. I hate Clara so much lol

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The ninth doctor.... And David Tennant, just because ^^

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