And on the eighth day, God created........what? (this is for fun, so be creative!) my answer is a toss up between Coffee and the 98 cent store!


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I too have a toss up. It's between Mountain Dew and pizza. You see, Mountain Dew is truly a heavenly drink. And what compliments such a heavenly beverage but the divine taste of a sausage pizza? Nothing I tell you! :D Best of luck to you!

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On the eighth day, God created politicians and lawyers because the real humans were created in the original 7 days.

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You have a twisted, mean outlook Hippy. I don't know how many times you've come up with the answer I was about to give. (Politicians, not lawyers for me.) Now I'll have to think of something else.
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On the eighth day, He created soft-serve ice cream .... And I saw that it was good :)

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On the eighth day, he created video games and PC's to play them on ! LOL.

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Chocolate milk 

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I can't remember the last time I had chocolate milk. I used to love the stuff but it's been decades. I don't know why I stopped drinking it. I'd better put it on my bucket list.
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Here's a photo and verse from my personal album. (The man standing by the tree is my brother.) You'll gather from the language that God is an Australian.

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